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Investors Relation

Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry

Investors Relation

Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited is a Bangladesh-based company, which manufactures ceramic. The Company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of various types of designs and sizes of Floor Tiles and Glazed wall Tiles. The Company offers products, including Ceramic Floor Tiles, Design Ceramic Floor Tiles, Ceramic Wall Tiles, Homogeneous Floor Tiles, Porcelain Floor Tiles, Stair Tiles, Homogeneous Printed Floor Tiles (Porcelain), Punch Wall Tiles, Rustic Wall Tiles, Border Tiles and Decor Tiles. The Company owns and operates approximately two industrial units. The Company exports its products to the North Eastern region of India. The Company’s factories are located at Bokran Monipur, Hotapara, Gazipur.

It is our great pleasure to introduce FU-WANG Ceramic Industry Limited. Since our inception, we have established and maintained best product quality combined with high standards of customer service.