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We Build Inspired Home Spaces.

The company is engaged in production of various types of wall and floor tiles. Within a short period, the business expanded its market share by its unique quality, competitive price, exclusive designs, and wide variety of sizes and models. Its effective and creative marketing campaign enabled the company to establish its brand value in the tiles market in Bangladesh.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our mission is to continuously increase customer satisfaction by offering products of the highest standards. This will be possible through our culture of systematic innovation and utilization of the latest technology and management practices.


Unleash bold self-expression through vibrantly patterned tiles. Geometric and abstract designs inspired by Picasso's iconic artworks enliven your walls with eclectic flair.


Precisely crafted using advanced techniques. Durable surfaces to transform your space with longtime artistry and professional installation nationwide.

We Bring Ideas Home

Transform your home into a gallery of self-expression with Picasso Tiles. Through meticulously designed tiles, we help showcase your individual aesthetic and accommodate diverse interior visions. Our Picasso Tiles uniquely accentuate your personality through vivid designs that complement any space.

High Quality Promise

Only the finest materials and most advanced production techniques ensure the vibrant hues and elaborate designs of Picasso Tiles withstand everyday use. A thorough quality inspection guarantees optimal functionality for years to come. Enjoy dynamic interior expressions while maintaining long-lasting beauty through our promise of ceramic excellence.


We Build Inspired Home Space

Gain inspiration from exemplary residential and commercial spaces where Picasso Tiles seamlessly blend artistic flair with versatile design. From modern lofts to traditional homes, see how our collections transform interior aesthetics with textured surfaces and nuanced patterns. Visualize the potential of Picasso Tiles to cultivate unique yet enduring style in any environment.